Jennifer Lee


I am all parts of the whole. I am galactic, I am grounded, I am Mother Earth, I am galaxies. I am the Universe in physical form. I am a Divine Feminine energy. I am an Arcturian incarnate (among others) with a multitude of 'gifts', as you hUmans call them ;D. 

It's been a 'long, strange trip' arriving to where I am, but the beautiful part of this 'story' is it has only just begun! I'm sure many of you can relate, for if you were drawn to this page, more than likely you are riding your own waves of the Ascension path. 

If I start from the beginning, well, I might bore you with that. It's much of the same that's drug you through the mud on your own rocky (or rainbow) road, however you look at it. The typical, 3D, unconscious BS... pretty much ALL of it, my human has been there. 

And I am immensely grateful for that. For that surge of energy that brought me to the depths of my core, so I wouldn't be able to ignore that itching, that calling, that insatiable yearning for M O R E. 

More... love. More truth. More fulfillment. More freedom. More passion. More inspiration. More soul. More connection. More depth. More high vibes. More beauty. More trust. More liberation. More pleasure. More bliss. More adventure, excitement and guidance to be led. 

What I really wanted, at the end of the day, was ME. All of me. And all of the magic that comes with it. That surge of empowerment, of enlightenment, of you can have anything you want any way you want it - with that sense of passion, love and liberation. I wanted those little moments of timelessness. I wanted to actually FEEL what we're told we are capable of feeling! I wanted to understand myself and I wanted to make a difference in the world. I wanted to BE whole in every way possible.

And boy oh boy did I get what I asked for! And thensome...

What the Universe had in store for me (for all of us), well, it's still coming and I'm still open to receive.

Ascension. Soul integration/upheaval/re-blueprinting. Walk in's. Channeling. Galactic Entities. Arcturian Embodiment. Light Code Activations. Universal Codes downloaded. Angels, and faeries, and Arcturians, and Pleaidians, and elementals, and past lives, and Archangels, and Ascended Masters, and planets/star systems/beings/galaxies I've never even heard of, and sounds of the Solar Systems, and Shamanistic tendencies, and Sound Activations, and light ships, and Crystal Cities, and Christ Consciousness, and 23 Dimensions...

Yeah, I took the 'fast track' of the Ascension path - being smacked blue (or light :P) in the face with all things 'ASCENSION'. 

I (we) now walk in this hUman be-ing with a multitude of different energies/frequencies/light waves/beings and they keep coming more and more each week! It's been an interesting integration process to say the least. Nothing like I'd ever expect - and then talk about the 'reality' part of it! Which is now what I guide others' like you to help do the same. 

Utilizing a massive array of different gifts, energies, knowledge, magic, Truths and of course Love, I guide others to their TRUTH and embodiment of their multidimensional, Crystalline BE-ing. It's my passion (and purpose in different ways) to serve in the grounding in of these energies. To help expand our consciousness and allow others to walk in the New Earth that IS of our time.

I'm quite detached from my hUman now, as many of us are, however, to actually GROUND in these energies (which, as a Starseed, my natural tendency is to 'escape' up, up, up and away! So 'staying grounded' wasn't the easiest for me!) I needed to cleanse my heart OPEN WIDE and LIVE from that space. I needed to integrate my heart, my WHOLE heart, with my Soul and it's desires. I needed to fall back in love with the embodiment of my Divine Feminine, for the masculine had taken over for far too long! 

At this moment in time, along with the other work I do, this is the most important piece to my heart that I am bringing forth in our work. You may find our latest offering, starting October 1st, here: The Galactic Goddess Mastermind! Along with, you may find the opportunity to receive many of the following (but not limiting to) gifts:

  • Crystalline Frequency Activation
  • Crystalline Grid Work
  • DNA Activation 
  • Channeling of the 17 Dimensions + associated BEings (Lyran Council of Light, Arcturian Council of Light, Pleaidian Council of Light, Orion Council of Light, Faeries, Elementals, Spirit Guides, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Sirian Council of Light, new connections to 'new' Star Systems/Galaxies/Planets/Beings, our Solar System, beyond our Universe, Lemuria, Atlantis, Crystal Cities, and more)
  • Universal Light Code Activation/Embodiment 
  • Violet Blue Flame Activation
  • Sound Healing Frequencies
  • Sacred Geometry/Light Codes/Light Language
  • Solar Transmissions
  • Mediumship
  • Intuitive/Psychic Guidance
  • Magic 
  • Shamanic Work (Galactic Shamanism, Earthly Shamanism, Ancestral Shamanism)
  • Physical Body Healing/Clearing/Activating - Ascension nutrition and wellness guidance
  • Ancestral Clearing (Individual and Collective)
  • Past Life, Soul Contract Work (Individual and Collective)
  • Collective Healing/Clearing/Activation Code Work, Galactic/Stargate System Work, Gatekeeper Work
  • AND MORE... Just ask :), you most likely can do the same and just don't know it or are holding 'new, higher gifts' that are ready to be tapped into as well!

That's our current embodiment - stay tuned for more Galactic and Ascension fun as we continue to ground in the New Earth! 

Thank YOU for the work that YOU do as a BEing and bringer of Light, Love and Source Consciousness! Sending you all absolute light, love and infinite bliss.

NAMASTE Dear Ones,

Jennifer Lee, Galactic Entity