Is channeling calling you?

Is your Higher Self ready to come through?

Are you desiring to understand how to embody a higher vibrational resonance?

Do you feel called to connect with the Higher Dimensions and our Galactic Guides/Family/Friends?

Have you felt stuck at an intuitive level when you know you are ready to tap into higher gifts?

Want to make an impact in your life and the lives of those you help?

Ready to understand more of your Truth and bring that forth to the Collective Consciousness?

Desiring to embody more of the 5th Dimensional experience?


Join us for a 6 Week Channeling experience! We will be coming together as a Collective to learn how to channel, shift realities, connect with an abundance of Galactic Sources and share our new higher experiences.


A Message from our Collective Council of Light:

"Greetings dear ones! Allow us to recognize the sparkle and stardust in your eyes as we awaken and open you up to a new experience as channeling through your Birthright. Dear ones, this is the Collective Council of Light and we have come to realize that it is YOUR time to connect to your higher frequency and channel through into your 3rd Dimensional Reality the experience of existing as who you really are. Fear not, for this is not a difficult and tumultuous experience we are talking about (as many in your Spiritual Community like to believe 'ascension' is all about), this is a lighthearted, simple and easy process of using your natural capabilities of channeling to awaken your genetic codes, expand into a more abundant experience, connect with your Universal Ties and embody Truth in your present.

We have come to realize that channeling IS easy, natural and light for you at this time, but many of you are not recognizing that this is your true experience. You are having a hard time expressing your true selves in the present state of your reality, which, through channeling, can arrive 'faster' than 'in due time'. Think not about this experience because it is a FEELING one - feeling trance, feeling present, feeling like a child, feeling light hearted. Allow this frequency to flow through your system and your 'veins' as we open you up to the new experience of activating these higher gifts, which you yourself have called in. Call it divine timing, call it whatever you wish, but this channeling process has become available to you for YOU have called for it!

You have called for an easier way to shine your light. You have called for a clearer understanding of who you are, who you once were, where you are from. You have called for an expanded experience in this current reality, despite what present circumstances may be showing up. You have called for more embodiment of love in the here and now without some 'heavy duty' ascension process.

This is easy. This is natural. This is freeing. This is fun! This is the abundant state of living from which you truly are from. The Plaeidians, the Orions, the Sirians, the Sumerians, the light language codes to elevate your frequency, the Arcturians, other Angels and Starseeds... all are calling up on you to wake up your frequency! To elevate to the highest extent to enjoy your true light of surrounding vibrational resonance. This journey to your truth is not about fear or lack, it is about opening up to a newer vibrational experience of Unity Consciousness. For you are one with the stars, the light beings, the Ancients, the planets... and it is time for you to elevate into higher consciousness through Galactic Channeling.

Galactic Channeling is something you're already used to, you just may not be conscious of it yet, for your 'humanity' was at stake some years ago. This is not of your path any longer, dear one, for you are now connected to the Crystalline Grid. You may or may not resonate with this channeling, yet, but one thing is for sure, dear ones, we recognize you even if we haven't already met ;).

This is the Galactic Council of Light calling in your Starseed Frequency to remember who you are, embody your frequency, elevate your light and connect with the Galactic Source + Unity Family. Namaste, dear ones, we send you all light, love and blessings."


WOW! What a powerful channeling of Source frequency! Even if this message (the who, the what, the where, the why, the how) is not fully understood by you just yet, recognize the way you are FEELING after reading that. That is what channeling is all about, really! Tapping into Source (and the abundance of sources) information, embodying more light, and elevating your consciousness closer to the Universe. Because when you live in the here and now, all there is is light, love and an expanded potential which you CAN create from. It is about embodying your true powers to help shift the collective whole by sharing this brand new experience with each other. It is about tapping into other realms and moving above and beyond what 3D density is still 'lacking' in its experience. It's about shifting into the expanded potential that already awaits you and you have called in for yourselves.


This channeling course will teach you:

  • What an expanded state of frequency may do for you in the here and now

  • How to elevate your 'heart rate' in order to connect with the Council of Light

  • How to understand who, what and where you are channeling from

  • When to connect to the outer realms (and which ones)

  • What each Dimensional Frequency feels like

  • How to channel through and awaken your Abundance Codes

  • The different states and types of channeling there are

  • What is a true state of channeling vs. channelings that are diffused by your mind

  • How to 'escape' the Collective Consciousness of the Universal Mind (note, this is a Spiritual Myth that does not come directly from Source, but many of you have/will/are currently experiencing... it essentially is something many of you may need to RELEASE in order to embody full on channeling)

  • How to become crystal clear on how you receive your channeling information

  • The best way to translate each type of connection

  • When to use channeling and when to utilize your soul's hUman experience

  • What your current state of vibrational resonance actually is/means

  • How to take care of your 'channel' from a physical, mental and emotional perspective

  • What sort of high vibe foods and activities can support, elevate and expand your connection

  • When to use your channeling gifts to help you manifest in business, relationships, love and life

  • What channeling will do for your health

  • When to 'turn it off' in order to be fully engaged in the here and now

  • How to trust the information you are connecting to

  • Understanding the subtle differences between the mind, the soul and the Higher Self

  • Which plane you truly exist on and how to integrate that frequency into your current life

  • What Beings must you tap into and which you are not yet in alignment for

  • Channeling the Planets and what that experience can bring through for you in life

  • Discovering the heightened state of frequency to embody and allow a constant state of 'mediumship' and 'flow'

  • Intuition vs. Higher Self - which to tune into, when and why

  • What it means to embody the 5D light in life

  • Understanding the flow state of energy and what capacity it holds to shift, change and release sub conscious programming

  • Remaining in an elevated state

  • Speaking your Truth as a high vibrational channel to those around you who may not understand

  • How to embrace the POWER of light that is literally flowing through you as you channel



We will be discovering how to channel:

  • The Pleaidians
  • The Archangels
  • The Abundance Codes
  • Your Birthright
  • Your Soul's past lives
  • Your Higher Self's 'galactic work'
  • Visions for the future and present
  • The Arcturians
  • The Sirians
  • The Lemurians
  • The Atlantis Codes
  • Past life experiences and soul contracts
  • Releasing resistance to an abundant 5D life (yes this involves channeling!)
  • Different dimensional energies
  • Christ Consciousness
  • Faeries
  • Ascended Masters
  • Light Code and Sound Code Frequencies
  • And much more!


"This is not a testimonial, more of a love letter from my soul. When I first stumbled across Jennifer Lee on the internet, wiping my sleepy eyes, aimlessly trawling, it was like I'd plugged myself into the mains. No... so more than that! Its almost impossible to put into human words. A vibration(s), a recognition, an activation of such pure galactic energy that all the cells in my body flipped out and spun/span though loops. Working with her has been the single most best act of self-love I have bequeathed myself. I'm actually still high-fiving myself that I took that leap. I've not looked back, or even sideways, I've quantum leaped. The space she holds for those awakening is powerfully sublime. Welcome home x Above all....THANK YOU xxxxx" - Lynne Davis

"Thank you for an incredible channeling session with you - it has changed everything and was the guidance I needed to have the courage to change the way I work." - Bethan Carr

"I took all the courses and I can really say that I have shifted and evolved. So many layers and I feel free in body and soul, and it will continue to evolve for months and years to come as I understand some of it now, and I know it will continue to open up more and more wisdom. Jennifer Lee ‘s open mind and loving guidance is so valuable, I'm so glad You were there when I was ready to jump higher. Love, Birgitte" - Birgitte Vedstead

"Hello hello hello WE are the fairies
We are here, we are light, we are love, we are play...
We ask that you sing, 
sing more fom your heart, we ask that you dance...and sing, and dance, and sing and dance
Let go..free yourself...free free free, lighter, lighter, lighter
WE are here to show you joy, and play, and freedom, and community, and together we are here for each other, for we are One..
Let go and ask yourself everyday, what can you do to bring about more smiles?, what can you do bring more laughter?- to fill your belly with sooo much laughter and joy- even for one moment..
What can you do?...Can you sing?, can you dance?, can you laugh with a friend?, can you paint your toes?, can you paint your face?, can you watch a funny movie?.. laugh laugh laugh
Allow yourself to be Free
Allow your voice to be Free
Do not worry so much about others...what they do, what they do not do...
It is YOU that must find your unique vibration and the unique ways that bring you joy & laughter...
What can you do today to laugh??" - Lauren Knapp


Are you ready to elevate the frequency of who you really are and connect to your channeling birthright?



Channeling IS a gift to ALL of us that we must embody in the here and now. If you feel channeling is right for you on your spiritual path, tune in now! We desire to change our lives and make an impact on the world, but many do not understand their own true capabilities of rapidly transcending this with the Spiritual Gift of channeling their higher self. There are an abundance of ways you ALREADY channel and just may not understand it yet! But coming from the state of truly understanding what this is, where it comes from, why it exists and how to impact the Collective Whole from this experience (as well as your day to day life) IS something that is being called forth for all of us at this time.

Yes, as much as channeling is here to help shift us collectively, you're also ready to bring forth this experience to shift your physical reality. No longer may we 'fight' the 'old' with the 'old' (attempting to shift our physical reality from our 3D mind). By tapping into the elevated experience of CHANNELING through a brand new reality, you will soon recognize your immense gift of being able to shift your reality. Yes, quite literally you can CREATE a BRAND NEW REALITY by just channeling it through effortlessly! This is visioning work, meditation work, self-love and self-worth embodiment and so much more! If you're ready for a brand new experience on multiple levels - this is your Course!


The Course will include:

  • Weekly 1.5-2 hour Activations and channeling sessions, teaching you to embrace, embody and understand new Dimensions and awareness of Channeling
  • Weekly exercises, intention setting and 'homework' to allow full integration of your Galactic Channeling experience
  • Private Facebook Group for learning, growing, sharing and activating each other's higher vibrational frequencies
  • Complete access to Jennifer Lee + Galactic Light Being Team (Angels, Guides, Starbeings and more!)
  • Weekly recorded Q&A channeling sessions for spiritual growth and strength
  • Weekly replays of all livestreams and ongoing support of worksheets, meditations and attunements as needed for the Collective Group
  • A heightened sense of trust, freedom, confidence, empowerment and love!
  • Physical shifts within your current reality based on your new embodiment of light, understanding, love and powerful Higher Self
  • The opportunity (via Option B below) to work with Jennifer Lee 1:1 exclusively to support the integration of your channeling gifts


Channeling is fun - light - freeing - effortless - timeless - limitless - abundance - joyous - ecstatic - loving - grounding - Truthful embodiment - elevating - adventurous - sensual - galactic - exciting - playful - eye opening - understanding - compassionate - empowering - enlightening & BEAUTIFUL


Call in the Truth of your higher spiritual gifts and abundant Galactic Source into your current reality!